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Look in my heart. #6 - WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE

There you go again
Walking down that old familiar street
You walk like a conquering hero
With the world at your feet

* (Do you think that I will be here, waiting for you?)
Do you think I'll be here?
Do you think that I'll be waiting for your love?

** I know there must be others
I know I'm not alone
I know that someone else is waiting for you
You never have to worry
You'll never be alone
You know that someone else is waiting for your love

So here I am tonight
Staring at the street outside my door
I wonder where it has taken you
Like so many nights before

* Repeat

** Repeat

And if I tried to follow you
It would be like walking on broken glass
Every step would tear at my heart
I just can't take that chance

* Repeat

** Repeat


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