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Alyssa. #2 - I HAD A DREAM

Sometimes it seems the world is getting you down
Sometimes it seems a friend can never be found
And you're lost in a desperation
With no rainbow in sight

But sometimes you find your dreams can really come true
If you believe - it might just happen to you
How I bless the day - that you came my way
You made everything better

* I had a dream that you're always gonna love me
I had a dream that you'll always be there
I made a wish to the stars up above
That you'll always stay in my heart
I had a dream

Sometimes you think your best just isn't enough
Sometimes the road you choose is lonely and tough
And you search for the consolation
That's just nowhere around

But then there are times when things will all go your way
Each day of the week feels like a holiday
Give your heart to me - for eternity
I will love you forever

* Repeat

When all my hope was out of sight
You came along and made it right
Oh how I thank my lucky star

* Repeat


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