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Alyssa. #4 - CAN YOU FEEL IT

We're just two players
In this game that they call love
We're so afraid to trust in our hearts
We try to fight it
And we always act so tough
But what can we do when the feeling starts

* Can you feel it
The fire is burning
Can you feel it
Deep in your heart
Can you feel it
The heat of the moment
It's a feeling called love

Don't try to hide
It won't hurt to take a chance
It can't be wrong when it feels so right
Don't try to fight it
You might find true romance
Just let it take you into the night

* Repeat

Hearts may break
A chance that we have to take
Give it a try
Try to let your feelings show
No time to wait
No time to hesitate
Can't you believe
That your in love

* Repeat


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