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Alyssa. #5 - DESTINY

I feel like I'm flying high over heaven
Can this be only just a dream
You just appeared - suddenly you just happened
Showed me what happiness could mean

This is a love we can't deny
It was decided before our time
Oh hearts were joined so long ago

* Destiny - oh our love was meant to be
I'll be with you for all time
You'll be mine, it's a guarantee
I believe in
Destiny - you're the only one for me
Now I give my heart to you
I'll be true for eternity
Let my love come in
Destiny begin

It feels like we have been lovers forever
I can't imagine life wothout you

Always together we will be
You'll be a special part of me
Deep in my heart our love will live

* Repeat

How can we understand
This, an eternal plan
Our hearts were born inside a star

* Repeat

You're my destiny



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