Творчество фанатов

Обои для рабочего стола

Мы и Алисса поддерживаем


The time has come
When we all have to take a stand
We can make it together
By placing our hands in each others hands

In your darkest hour
In your time of need

* Oh we need the children
To teach the world
To carry on
We need the children
To live in peace
'Til fear is gone

** We're the hope of all people
We shine the light
We need the children

We live in a world
Where the love has been thrown away
We can help one another
By living each day for a better day

In our brightest hour
In our time of hope

* Repeat

** Repeat

Together we can build a place
Of love and peace and happiness
We can save the human race
We'll shine through darkness

* Repeat


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