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The best in the world. #5 - I JUST WANNA BE LOVED

My heart just soars when you touch me
Hearing you whisper my name
Oh I thank heaven for sending an angel
My life will never be the same

One kiss - I feel like I'm flying
Your smile is warm as the sun
To be together - with you forever
My greatest dream has just begun

* Oh oh oh
I just wanna be love by you
Cause that's all that really matters
Oh oh
I just wanna be loved by you
And my heart will never shatter
I wanna be - loved by you

Our love can cross any river
And it's getting stronger each day
My head is spinning - a new life's beginning
Better believe me when I say

* Repeat

It was destiny - brought you here to me
Don't you ever go away
We were meant to be - it's a guarantee
In my arms you'll always stay

* Repeat


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