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Locked inside the dream. #3 - EVERY SINGLE KISS

I was happy all by myself
I had my freedom, didn't need any help
There was no one to break my heart
No one to hurt me or tear me apart

Still I dreamed about someone like you
Then the dream came true

* Every single kiss
Every day we spend together
Every time we touch
Makes me want to stay together

Lovin' you was not my plan
But there were things I did not understand
The past is over, now I realize
I see the future when I look in your eyes

** I believe that love can come true
I believe in you

* Repeat

I know that hearts can break and
Love can be forsaken
That's why I could never be taken
Don't you see, that just wasn't me
You and I were meant to be

** Repeat

* Repeat and fade


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