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Locked inside the dream. #5 - YOUR LIPS DON'T LIE

Now baby can't you see
I'm up against a wall
I try to give you what you want
But girl you want it all
So the question I must ask
And the answer you must give
Is whether or not the time has come
To live and let live

You can call it quits
You can call me names
You can slam the door
But the truth remains
You can say it's over
But two can play that game
Cause when we touch
I can feel the flame

All you want to do to me
Is tie me down
Nail me to the ground
You wanna clip my wings
And all those things
Just to keep me around
But when I will
Girl, You won't And when I do - you don't
It's plain to see
That we can't agree
We're better off alone

* I'm not stoppin' you baby
I ain't about to crawl
A touch is wrth a thousand words
And your kiss just says it all

** Yeah, your lips don't lie
When you put your mouth on mine
No your lips don't lie
Let me feel it one more time

Your lips don't lie
It's love that they betray
Your lips don't lie
When you're kissin' me, kissin' me, kissin' me that way

Girl you're always early
It isn't that I'm late
And everything we try to talk
It turns into a debate

What you want
Is what I got
What it is
And what it's not
Baby there are questions
Only time will tell
But keep on holding me
It ain't pure hell

You tell me when to stop, when you're in my car
You say I go too far, and all I ever get
Is a "BABY NOT YET", no matter where we are

* Repeat

** Repeat

I'm not saying I don't love you
Then why is it you're pushing me away
Cause I'm not sure of what I'm feeling
Do you want it
I don't know
Tell her don't let go
I'm not sure he knows what he really wants to say

I don't know
Better get your butt in gear
And let me tell you
If you don't know what you're feeling now
You'll be lost in another year

** Repeat and fade



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