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Locked inside the dream. #6 - THROUGH IT ALL

I've been here
Fighting for so long
Holding it together
What went wrong
I can't go
Another day like this
There's so much missing
Within yur kiss

Here I am - Dying
Hoping that your heart is there for me
I can't remain waiting endlessly

* So - Through it all
I'll have to go on living another day
With or without you
And through it all
I will go on finding another day
With or without you

** Though you are still part of my life
I'll get over you

Time can't heal
Or take me from this place
Cause the bond that was between us
Has been erased
And here you are
Without a thing to say
I can see it in your eyes
Never cared anyway
Here I am dying
Knowing that you never fell for me
I can't believe you led me endlessly

* Repeat

Through it all

** Repeat

* Repeat

Through it all...



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