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Locked inside the dream. #7 - SAY A PRAYER TONIGHT

How many ways can you hurt the one you love
How many times can yu break my foolish heart
You think that this can go on forever
You think that you're smart
I think that you have seen the very last time I fall apart

* You better say a prayer tonight
You had better learn to care about me
You better say a prayer tonight
Or you will have to learn to live without me

There was a time when you'd whisper my name
When I close my eyes I can hear it once again
But when the echoes fade away
There's nothing but pain
If I don't stop my heart from listening to you
I'll go insane

* Repeat

Someday you'll find out
That love is not found just anywhere
It's not everywhere
And maybe you will turn around
And you'll find I won't be there

* Repeat and fade


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