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Locked inside the dream. #8 - LOCKED INSIDE A DREAM

Well I'm lying here, in the dark
Staring out at the moonlight
Wondering, I'm wondering
Will I be in your dreams tonight
It was on a nightlikethis
When you said goodbye
I can still see that look in your eyes

* Are you staring at the same moon
(Is this a love that shines?)
Is it shining in your heart
(Am I lost in a dream?)
Am I more than just a memory
(Is this a real love?)
Is this love locked inside a dream

There were endless days, endless nights
Seemed like summer would never pass
Seasons come and seasons go
Now there's nothing but photographs
I wish my love wouldlet me go
But it holds me so near
And this night makes me wish you were here

* Repeat

Some nights I can almost feel you
As if you were here
There are times when I reach out for you
When the nights are so painful clear

* Repeat


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