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Locked inside the dream. #10 - NEW SENSATION

You give your sweet love I can understand
I got the wholeworld in the palm of my mind

All day and night it feels so right
I can tell something real is going on
I'll testify you rule my mind
No defense against the words you're saying

* Now I know what nights are for
When you touch me, I can't move - Can't speak
Those kisses sweet make me so complete

** It's a new sensation
And I'm feeling so strong
You've got me singing this song
A new sensation
Everything I need
New sensation
Satisfaction guaranteed

We're soul to soul, It's touch and go
Dancing close to the fire brings my heart along
I know you care and you're always there
So close and the heat gets so strong

Can't fight all those secret feelings
When you touch me, We can't run - Can't hide
Take it like a man cause I know you can
Knock me off my feet

** Repeat

You give meyour sweet love I can understand
Now I got the wholeworld in my hand
Call you up feeling like a child
Cause the sound of your voice drives me so wild

* Repeat

** Repeat and fade


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